Friday, March 5, 2010

The Kitchen of Meaning

This poster was for Graphic Design II. The goal was to use the provided text to design a poster that represented a certain word. My word was hyperbole.

Weather Report

This video is the first two animations of a weather report for four cities. I chose Zurich, Moscow, Wellington, and Rio de Janeiro. The goal was to use a theme from L.A.T.C.H. - Location, Alphabet, Time, Category, and Heirarchy. My first two, in this video, are Location and Alphabet. I am showing the weather for each city on a certain weekend in the "future".

Black Squares

This project was to animate four black squares. The video represents three words: playful, order, and congested. This was another project to fully understand Adobe After Effects.

Blue Squares

The video was an exercise to fully understand Adobe After Effects. I was to animate the blue squares exactly as shown on the Professor's video.


This project was to design a potential web page to display my Critical Mass images. There are two different backgrounds. Every Critical Mass image must be able to fit on the web page design.

Critical Mass

This project was to study one of the seven deadly sins, I chose Sloth. I used patterns that were created using other images and a scanner. All images are scanned or illustrated.


This project's goal was to combine scanned images and some images from the web in any form, such as abstract or realistic. Only a certain amount of images were to be used.

Scavenger Hunt

This project was for Image Methodology. I was to take photos from my own camera that represents with shape, pattern, color, space, or line. The photos had to go in an order in which two of the photos would have something in common. The first two photos have Space in common. The second and third photos have color in common. The third and fourth photos have Line in common. The fourth and the fifth have Pattern in common. The fifth and the sixth have shape in common.

Cognitive Map

This was the third map of a series of three. This was called the my cognitive map. It shows my emotions throughout my trip from my home to St. Edward's University.

Perceptual Map

This was the second map in a series of three maps. This was the perceptual map and it was to show my senses as I make my way from my home to St. Edward's University.

Artifact Map

This was the first map of three called the artifact map. The project was to design a straight forward design of a map from home to school.

Interaction Exercise

This was a my first project/experience with Flash. The project involved using symbols that was a previous design project. The final and its iterations are shown in the Flash design.

Symbol Methodology

Symbol methodology project for Graphic Design I. To design three symbols to represent a topic of choosing such as Hydroelectricity. Interations were also required in this project.


This was an exercise using the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator. It was practice for future assignments.

Type Specimen Book

Typeface Book
This project was to study a Typeface. Studying a typeface required showing the forms of the typeface such as Bold, Italics, etc.

Design Culture Now

Typography I project focusing on typefaces and hierarchy. My goal for this project was to explore each designer of Design Culture Now. To design a poster that completely represents what Design Culture Now's is all about.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


This was my first experience with designing a typeface. The requirement was to design a typeface within a specific size in mind.